Poker Tournaments - RSS Feeds, Schedules & Toolbars

Pokersites offers a huge variety of ways to monitor online poker tournaments at over 20 of the top online poker rooms. Below are various options you can use, including our unique, free Poker Tournament Toolbar for IE or Firefox. Additionally, there are various feeds and schedules of tournaments that you can use either via newsreader software, personal portals like MyGoogle and MyYahoo, raw RSS feeds or even make your own configurable feeds. Webmasters and poker blog authors will also find plugins for their websites and blogs that show readers the latest poker tournaments.

Online poker rooms included in the feeds & toolbar...

24h PokerAbsolute PokerBet365 PokerBodog Poker
Everest PokerExpekt PokerFull Tilt PokerInterPoker
Intertops PokerPacific PokerParty PokerPoker Heaven
Poker UKPokerKingsPokerStarsPokerroom
Titan PokerTony G PokerVirgin Poker

Option #1: Search & Bookmark

First up, a very basic solution: I have set up a few of the more popular poker tournament schedules for direct access. You can browse these and bookmark them. The tournaments are converted to and displayed in your local time.

The toolbar is fully configurable. You can pick the poker rooms you wish to "tick", add keyword filters to trim down the tournament schedule, add a freeroll tournament override that will show you all freerolls from all rooms...oh and loads more...check out the list of features above.

Option #2: The Poker Tournament Toolbar

Secondly, here is the most comprehensive solution to monitoring tournaments and the one I'd recommend for comprehensive tournament coverage. The free Pokersites Poker Tournaments Toolbar (for Internet Explorer and Firefox) is essential kit for the online poker player. It collects live tournament information from some 20 or so of the top online poker rooms, converts the start times to your local timezone and displays them in your browser toolbar one by one. You have lots of configuration options: choose the poker rooms, types of tournaments, add filter words, search the schedule and much more.

To appreciate the full extent of this free toolbar's usefulness, you really need to check out the poker toolbar page below, read up on the features and get the free download!

» Poker Tournament Toolbar..

Option #3: The Poker Tournaments RSS Feed

Pokersites also has an RSS feed which will allow you to monitor all the tournaments. It's not as detailed as the toolbar, but does give you the next 25 tournaments at each of the 20 online poker rooms with basic information which you can add to MyYahoo, MyGoogle or your RSS newsreader software.

Like the poker toolbar, each title links to the details of that tournament when clicked. Unlike the toolbar, the RSS is not able to show tournaments in your local time, although the timezone for each poker tournaments start time is specified.

As far as getting a free RSS newsreader goes, I can recommend using the simple but excellent RSS Reader for Windows which runs in the system tray, grabs the RSS feed and alerts you to new tournaments. Once installed, "Add" the following feed URL: There is also a freeroll poker tournament feed available which filters out all the freeroll poker tournaments at 20 of the top online poker rooms. You can add it to MyYahoo, MyGoogle, any social networking site of RSS reader that you currently use. Click here to access the freeroll feed.

Option #4: Email Alerts

As another alternative, you can receive a daily email of new tournaments via Feedburner. Simply enter your email address in the box below and click on the authentication link that is sent to you. The service is managed by the excellent opt-in Feedburner service with opt-out options included.

Enter your email address:

Freerolls By Email
You can also receive the Freeroll tournaments at all poker rooms via email using the Yahoo! Alert service. To add the Freeroll Alert, click here.

Option #5: For Webmasters & Poker Blog Authors

For all webmasters and bloggers, the only condition of using Pokersites Tournaments feeds is that you include a link to with the Anchor Text "Poker Sites" on any page which features the data, or once on your site's homepage.

If you are a webmaster and want access to the raw RSS file to put in your blog or on your website, there are several options. First option is to use the code below to display the latest 15 tournaments on your webpage. Simply copy and paste the code into your HTML file.

Alternatively you may prefer to use a raw RSS feed. You can use the popular Magpie RSS PHP module to display the tournaments, or a simpler but less configurable javascript solution like rss2html. Use the URL shown below to access the raw RSS tournament feed for use with these options.

Wordpress bloggers can use a RSS wordpress plug-in which is pretty easy to set up. Then put the following RSS URL into the configuration file:

Once set up, it's as easy as putting one line of code into your blog to display the tournaments in real-time, updated every hour.

Option #6: Yahoo Pipes: Filter The RSS Feed

The slightly more technical amongst you might like to take the RSS feed and add filters to show only certain tournaments based on your own filter words. This can be achieved using Yahoo Pipes. I have set up an example pipe to show all freeroll tournaments contained within the schedule which you can also "clone" using different filters.

You can "create a pipe" to filter only certain tournaments from specific poker rooms, then either bookmark the results, grab the filtered RSS feed, get a JSON feed, or just have the results emailed to you on a daily basis. Below is a link showing the "Freeroll Pipe" I have set up - try setting up your own pipe and publishing it using the link below (hint: use the "clone" feature to get started).

» Filter The Poker Feed With Yahoo Pipes If you need the URL of the raw RSS feed to create a new pipe (IE: you didn't use the "Clone" facility), it is: