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About usPokersites.co.uk has provided the very best in online gaming for participants all over the world since 2007. When we started, we recognized the need for a trustworthy place for game lovers to find the very best poker sites available. Back when we began, there was one way for new players to find good sites: they had to search the web and hope they made the right choices.

Making the right choice in online poker sites for UK players was often tricky. Many players were taken in by the glitz and promises that weren't backed up. They found themselves struggling with bad security and bad software that was hard to operate at best, a danger to their computer systems at worst.

That's where Pokersites.co.uk came in. We started out determined to create a website where poker players of all levels could come and find the best sites for their needs. Whether they were looking for easy sites to get started, a place to advance their skills and work their way up in the online poker world, a way to get in on tournaments or find the best paying sites and cash games, we deliver.

When you come here to find the best online poker rooms for UK players, you can get in the action fast and know that the poker sites you choose are trustworthy, fun and have everything you need for the very best poker experience.

How We Do It

At pokersites.co.uk, we gathered together the best players in the industry. Our reviewers have years of experience playing poker online and off, and know what to look for in an online UK poker website. Using this knowledge, we developed a strict set of guidelines for all of our reviewers to use when examining online poker sites for UK players.

What we look for:

About us - security


This is the very first thing we check when we begin our investigation on any UK poker sites. Your safety and the safety of your personal and financial information should never suffer when you join an online site.

About us - customer support

Customer Support

Having someone who is easy to reach, knows how to solve any problems players might encounter is important to keep poker websites active and enjoyable. If you have a problem, and it can happen on the best of sites, you need to know that there will be help available when you need it so you can get it solved fast and get back to what's important - winning.

About us - software


The next most important issue our reviewers rate is the website software used for playing. When joining most online poker rooms, players must download the software. We make sure that this software downloads quickly and is easy to install.

About us - traffic


The UK poker sites that we list have a lot of traffic. Without enough players, you can't find games to get in, and there isn't any fun. We make sure the UK online poker rooms we list have plenty of action to keep you playing and winning.

About us - percentage odds

Percentages and Odds

The nitty-gritty is, when you play you want to win, and when you win you want to get the best value for your money. Pokersites.co.uk checks each poker site and makes sure that they have good odds, and that players who win get to keep as much of the pot as possible.

Why Us?

About us - why usChoosing pokersites.co.uk for your place to find great poker sites online is simple: we do all of the hard work for you. We find the best poker sites so all you have to do is chose the one that's right for you and play. That's how you want to spend your time, right? Playing, not searching and studying and hoping you choose right. We care about you, and want you to have a great experience and use your playing time to its best advantage.

If you feel you might need help with your gambling habits or if you think you are developing a gambling addiction, please visit Gambleaware.co.uk and Gamblersanonymous.

Additional Resources

For more information regarding online gambling in the UK, visit the official Gambling Commission website.

For a complete breakdown of the UK Gambling Act of 2005, visit Legislation.gov.uk.

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About us - contact usWe want to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, or have had an enjoyable experience at poker sites for UK players that you found through us, we want to hear from you.

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Don't forget to come back often! With thousands of new poker sites entering the market every year; don't waste your time trying to wade through them yourself. Come to us and find the ones that have passed our test, and are the best online poker sites for UK players in the industry. We are always updating our lists, so they have the latest and greatest available for your enjoyment.

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