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PayPal is a popular method for making online payments, but there are only a few UK poker sites like 888 Poker that will accept payments through this service. Despite it being a well established online payments solutions option-available in 19 countries around the world- there aren't too many PayPal poker sites in the UK around.

This might be down to Paypal's original policy of not allowing their services to be used on gambling sites. That's not the case now, but online poker sites accepting Paypal still appear to be thin on the ground.

Accounts can be funded by debit and credit card as well as by bank account. So sites that accept Paypal poker deposits can allow you to get money into and out of your account fast. All transactions made through Paypal to poker sites are secure and offer a reliable, and easy way to make a payment or withdrawal. And we make your online poker experience even better by sussing out the top PayPal poker sites, where you'll find:

  • Droves of easy to beat players across great varieties of tables and tournaments.
  • Bigger and more interesting bonuses, with easier to clear playthroughs.
  • Strong attention to keeping your money and personal information safe.
  • A huge selection of transaction options, with emphasis on safety and speedy withdrawals.

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WHY CHOOSE 888 Poker

888's huge popularity with players is partly thanks to their £500 welcome bonus and the extra £20 they give you for free, meaning you'll hit the range of cash games and tournaments with a strong bankroll.


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payout time: 1 to 2 Days

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About Party Poker

PartyPoker has a massive tournament selection, a wide variety of poker variants, and fast payouts.


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payout time: 2 to 5 Days

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PokerStars is one of the biggest poker rooms on the planet with tens of thousands of players online.


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payout time: 3 to 6 Days

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About Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker gives a generous welcome bonus and has safe and secure banking options.


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payout time: 2 to 5 Days

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About Betfred Poker

BetFred Poker has fast and intuitive software, and also offers a wide range of banking options.


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Poker Sites Accepting Paypal

Poker Sites Accepting Paypal

With this type of funding it's not only easy to make payments to your Paypal poker site account, but you can send payments to anyone who has an email address.

Benefits of funding your poker room account using this deposit method:

  • Accounts can be funded using either your own bank account or debit or credit cars, or by Paypal's own credit card.
  • Your Paypal poker site will never know your credit card number or bank account number as these are not disclosed when a transaction is made.
  • Any disputed transaction with a poker site accepting this form of payment, where a transaction ID number can be quoted will guarantee you your money back up to a certain limit stated in their terms and conditions.
  • It's quick, easy, well established, and secure and offers users extremely flexible payment options.
  • Transactions can be made and received in many different currencies.

Because it is so well established you are virtually guaranteed a stable, no nonsense transaction to Paypal Poker sites worldwide every single time. Once your account is set up there's no time wasting form filling every time you want to add or withdraw funds. You just fill in a couple of details and the transaction takes place securely.

We Recommend PayPal For Poker Deposits

This is a service we would recommend to anyone as a funding and withdrawal option. It's just a pity there's not more Internet poker rooms that accept this form of payment out there. We are always on the lookout for more UK PayPal poker sites. Check back often to see what we have to offer, and make more great selections. You can start with the ones we have listed above, and build on your talents, skills and fun.

Remember that playing should be fun, and let us take all of the aggravation out of your selections. Along with providing lists of the best PayPal poker sites, we also make sure that those sites offer everything you need to have a fun and profitable playing experience. Each site is completely reviewed for game variety, bonuses, payouts and best of all, lots of fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paypal - FAQ Who are PayPal?

Paypal are an American company, famous for being the brainchild of Elon Musk, who ingeniously devised and implemented the very first online payments system. Paypal have been around since 1998 and in 2002 they were taken over completely by eBay. In 2015 they have returned to being an independent company again and now they move over $228 billion online every year.

How does it work?

PayPal is an easy and speedy method of transferring cash online. You can link your Debit Card with your account for even faster transfers, however PayPal also offer their own Credit Card which you can link to the account. You can transfer money into your PayPal account and then simply use the money to pay for your online gambling. PayPal never reveals your bank details to the sites.

How do I sign-up?

To sign up all you need is an email address, a mobile number and a card to add. You can choose between a personal and a business account. After that, you can start gambling right away.

Do they allow poker site transactions?

PayPal had an original policy of disallowing gambling transactions, however that's changed now, at least for the UK. This does mean, however, that it can be difficult to find poker sites that accept PayPal. We've rounded up the best we can find, but it is still a limited amount compared to other payment systems.

How do I receive my winnings?

You can receive your winnings straight into your PayPal account. Simply log into the PayPal compatible poker site, head over to the 'deposits' or 'cashing out' section, select PayPal and an option and enter in the amount you'd like to receive. You should receive your funds almost immediately.

Is it a safe option?

PayPal is a safe option. The company has a good policy when it comes to refunds and insurance. They make sure that your money is safe through a rigorous system of password encryption and high end security software.

How does it compare to others?

Other eWallets are newer and lesser known on the scene, so PayPal is usually the go to option. However, for poker players it may be wiser to check out some of the other eWallets like Neteller and Skirll, simply because there aren't many poker sites that are compatible with PayPal as a payment option, thanks to their previous policies on online gambling.

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