Easy Guide To Playing Online Poker

Online Poker GuideFor new players of online poker, getting used to the game can seem a difficult and daunting task. Although the rules are easy to learn, there are many requirements, rules, networks, and etiquette for you to familiarize yourself with. But you've come to the right place. This introduction is the first leg of our comprehensive guide to playing poker online. Read on to learn:

  • What our online poker guide contains.
  • How the guide will benefit you.
  • The basics of online poker, including interesting facts.
  • Links to more detailed coverage of the different kinds of online poker sites you will encounter.

All of this can seem rather complicated. To make things worse, you really don't want to end up losing all your cash because you were unaware of a specific rule or regulation. However, we come to your rescue with this guide to online poker. To help you master the online poker scene, this guide is there to help you to:

  • Compare poker sites.
  • Become familiar and comfortable with online poker.
  • Discover what you should look out for and what you should avoid to help you make the best of your online gambling.
  • Find helpful reading material, in print and online, that will assist you in elevating your game.
  • Find qualifying tournaments, including WSOPE (World Series of Poker Europe) and WPT (World Poker Tour) satellites and feeders.
  • Learn other essential information.

Novices will find this guide indispensable as they take their first steps in the online poker world. Using it will help them get to grips with the sites and let them settle in comfortably at the tables quickly. Experienced players may also discover a trick or two that they were not aware of.

We have also created an additional section detailing where inexperienced players can find some of the best, and worst, sign up bonuses for UK residents.

Players can also learn about no download poker sites for Mac users and players who don't want to download additional software. For those who prefer to play on a mobile, we have put together an in-depth guide to the best mobile poker sites.

About Online Poker

About Online PokerOnline casinos and poker sites offer a comfortable and easy to access gambling experience that is unmatched by B&M (brick and mortar) casinos. Without having to worry about opponents reading your facial expressions, players can relax as they gain experience at their own pace. The online poker phenomenon brought to the forefront by televised tournaments has also helped to increase interest in the game around the world, helping to spawn large scale tournaments and professional organisations alike.

And because everything happens in the virtual online world, huge tournaments can run every day at a moment’s notice – something that would be logistically impossible in real casinos. This means you can always find an online poker game at any time of the day or night.

Some interesting online poker facts:

  • A 2007 United Kingdom court case ruled that card games, despite elements of skill, are officially a game of chance. You can read more about that case, here.
  • Online poker began as simple IRC rooms as early as 1995
  • From 2001 to 2005, Online gambling revenues increased by a factor of over 29, transforming into a Billion pound per year industry.
  • For additional information about poker in the UK, visit the Gambling Commission website - What is poker?

For more information on poker sites check out:

These guides give you great information on the best online card rooms to play at depending on what you are looking for.

Get involved in this exciting phenomenon now. Check out our online poker guide and start playing today. Who knows, maybe there is a million dollar prize pool out there with your name on it...

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